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The Team

KAIN property management’s team comprises of a large group of passionate and dedicated team members. Our highly skilled team includes experts in the following disciplines:

Every investor is unique. Our financial team assesses investment horizon, Return on Capital objectives and other client imperatives to propose, implement and manage the client’s properties.

Our goal is to bring maximum value to the client. To do so it is important to carefully manage maintenance work so that the bulk of it can be completed in house. Except for highly specialized work related to electrical, HVAC, pest control, and challenging plumbing, KAIN Property Management strives to maintain properties, end-to-end with its own employees.

One of the key advantages for you, our clients, is our ability to generate high volumes of rental leads. At any given point, we typically manage between 100-300 guest cards, giving us great deal of latitude to find the best residents.

Clients can expect KAIN Property Management to ensure compliance with requirements related to fire and general safety. KAIN Property Management’s team aims to pro-actively address issues to help prevent regulatory infractions and keep our clients’ residents safe.

Managing tenant relationships requires tremendous rigour and discipline. Our clients deserve to have residents that respect property and obligations. Our regulatory/administrative team ensures that tenant agreements are strictly enforced, in according to state laws. Tenant disputes are managed in-house, ensuring maximum value for our clients.