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Medium Investors

51 to 250 units under management

Searching for a property management company can be complex. There is no shortage of property management companies  available to investors.

KAIN Property Management brings you to the most complete set of success factors:
1. Experience and expertise in filling vacancies with high quality tenants
2. Managing costs carefully and managing the maximum number of activities in-house directly by KAIN Property Management employees
3. Thorough, efficient, in-house enforcement of tenant agreements
4. Keeping you, the investor, apprised of important information related to your investment and related activities
5. Positioning your asset for the best possible exit point 

In addition to working with a highly qualified property management company, medium-sized investors are likely to require additional resources related to their investments. These may include financing, insurance, and real estate advisory experts. KAIN Property Management has a trusted network of top resources in each of these areas. As a KAIN Property Management client, you will benefit from access to proven, vetted experts who can help you at each step of your investment lifecycle.

KAIN Property Management works closely with its medium sized clients to ensure that their financial objectives are met while at the same time providing realistic expectations based on the key drivers such as cash flow, maintenance requirements and expected average occupancy. KAIN Property Management will fully manage your investment, allowing you to focus on building out your portfolio.

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